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We were never apart again. We were best friends instantly, like psychic Siamese twins. Jimmy was primarily heterosexual but he used men sexually to get ahead, and if he saw someone he liked, he liked them. More often it was women, but maybe that was because he had never got the really pretty girls before. He had always got the ugly leftovers that nobody else wanted. Seventeen-hundred hours, every moment to treasure. But he was just a little boy in search of his mother.

Everyone must have seen it, maybe not known what it was, not how to read it, but they saw the feeling. I was a little more psychic so I knew what it was. He had the impression she had abandoned him. He was an only child and it was impossible for him to relate to his father. The father had probably married his mother for her boobs or something and had nothing in common with her.

She raised a boy whom she named after a poet, James Byron. He was a nice, practical, and sensible dentist. Yeah I was at home with Tony Perkins Psycho. Jack Simmons actor in Rebel Without A Cause and friend of Dean had just left to visit some lesbian whores that lived a block away.

It was in a dead end street, and now dark. Then suddenly, Marlon Brando appeared at the car - he had been hiding in the bushes. They think he killed himself because of me. You have to come. She wanted Marlon above all; she even bought the same car that he had.

Then Jack found him in the bushes. He visited a lot of people. He was very active. He was that strong. Jimmy was following me around and was with me a lot of the time for the first six months. Yeah, I was very psychic in those days. He came home from work one day and said a story editor was writing a TV series about us.

TV was very new and it was very easy to get anything you wanted done. That was written about Dean Eisner and I. You see my mother was a witch. It exuded from her, the very essence of her. And I was very psychic too. We were sitting around and chatting in the dining room and Einstein had died just three weeks before. Marlon always had a wonderful portrait of Einstein on his headboard and sometimes he would just shove it in your face.

He has a message for us. He may have seen it or heard it. The point is that Marlon really wanted to believe that he was a humanitarian, and Einstein was urging him to hurry up with his duties. Some of his best friends despised him and said he was a brute and a beast and nothing in-between. How do you like them apples? I was a young girl window-shopping on Hollywood Boulevard.

I was bending low to see the detail of some shoes and someone whizzed around the corner on roller skates, almost bumped my fanny and crashed into me. He was wearing an ascot and a beret. It was Bela Lugosi on roller skates.

He was on his way to a cigar store. Yes, because there had been an article in a newspaper, saying that he wanted to make a movie with Vampira. The nerve of him! This was before I was blacklisted. I thought it was a good title at least. So I did it, and he came into my life right after then. But anyone who has become a phenomenon has a karmic current carrying them there. Nobody who is normal has such drive. I wish I had them today because I threw them away.

Do you know what jewels those lines must have been? I tried to say them, but I curdled my own blood. The theatre was full of people.

I was backstage and I could see the images behind the screen. People were in the wings, dictating to me when to walk out, so that I was there on screen at the same time as I walked across stage.

The audience booed, whistled and threw popcorn — they loved it! But I never actually got to see the film as I had to leave, then the film was banned in Los Angeles for 26 years.

It never played here and Ed Wood never knew why. They hated him I guess or maybe it was because of me. But Criswell told me that the film played in a small theatre in New York for over a year and a half, with just standing room only all the time.

When it was on the road in Indianapolis, even though it was pouring with rain, people queued around the block with newspapers over their heads. It was very popular. He loved the porn. He was in his element. He just kept writing them so fast. He introduced me to his stuffed bat. It was a docu-drama. He was taking liberties, which he was entitled to do, but he got some of the essences correct—the ones that he should have retained.

And then he embroidered a little. Johnny Depp is such a good actor and was believable as Ed Wood. The enthusiasm was so believable - such gung-ho enthusiasm. I went to Las Vegas with Liberace and met a19 year-old Elvis.

I was there eating breakfast in the hotel and across the huge dining room in backlight - because the sun was shining through the windows - I could see three older men, smoking cigars, looking plump and eating. A tall, young, graceful man came in, and sat with them. Then on the intercom it said that somebody was wanted on the telephone. This young guy got up, and walked like Robert Mitchum. All I saw was his silhouette, that was it.

I see he has tremendous magnetism. But the next night when he opened, I went with Liberace and his whole family.

A side curtain parted and this kid comes out alone. I had never seen someone boldly standing on a stage — supposedly a heterosexual male — wearing turquoise eye shadow and grinding his hips like that. What am I seeing? This music is great. They crossed their arms and refused to play. The audience started booing, and they booed him off the stage. But I went around and in the dark moonless night, far away I could see the double doors of the casino, golden with light.

They opened and a figure came into the doorway. It was Elvis, wearing a canary yellow jacket. I told him that I was a performer and that what happened was absolutely awful. When them curtains opened and I saw all those white heads and them glasses, I knew why. One person booed and so then they all did. And so Elvis went back to do a second show. Does the idea of social photography stand in a modern world that has no concept of altruism?

The current financial crisis is stopping people spending money on high fashion, but how about the people who could never afford it? See Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, it explains that once the basic requirements of life are met, ie food, water and so on then the next levels are ever improving requirements.

Each of us is motivated by needs. Our most basic needs are inborn, having evolved over tens of thousands of years. Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs helps to explain how these needs motivate us all.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs states that we must satisfy each need in turn, starting with the first, which deals with the most obvious needs for survival itself.

Only when the lower order needs of physical and emotional well-being are satisfied are we concerned with the higher order needs of influence and personal development. Conversely, if the things that satisfy our lower order needs are swept away, we are no longer concerned about the maintenance of our higher order needs.

Maslow's original Hierarchy of Needs model was developed between , and first widely published in Motivation and Personality in At this time the Hierarchy of Needs model comprised five needs.

This original version remains for most people the definitive Hierarchy of Needs. Esteem needs - self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc. Self-Actualization needs - realising personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. Read Spacegirl 1 thu 35 here www. Still not wanting to look like an FGF officer, to hide her face she wore a rebreather which on this dusty rock, was not uncommon.

She again picked up her old shotgun, and downloaded the coordinated into her heads up display. Now after sunrise, the town should be springing to life with usual morning comings and goings. But it was all quiet, like a ghost town. Whatever kept this town alive was gone. For a planet that lay in the middle of what was the Tomato Wars, it had prospered while others around it failed. It had industry, casinos, brothels, bars and clubs, there was money in the city but not now, today it looked like every other dry dusty planet the war had pounded back into the ground.

Spacegirl made her way closer. Slowy a distant roar echoed around the empty buildings, it bounced from wall to wall, it rumbled down empty alleyways, ever closer and louder, until it came from behind a warehouse racing across the sky and over her head. Made of the same compound as the droids the Dark Syndicate build, it loomed over her then slowly set itself down in front of her. Spacegirl raised her gun to head height, but the figure made no aggressive moves. A piecing whistling of air came from the seal as the helmet started to lift.

Spacegirl said, sincerity in her voice. What happened to this town? Taken at the amazing Wastelands maps. So, you overlooked a tiny detail? Nothing takes lives like poverty. What do I mean by that? You are my greatest responsibility in life, and I hope to be yours. Would you please go home and look up: What you did not know until now: At best it is following the idea of a crazy mind.

Nowadays flies live longer than we do. Talk about a sick culture. How about a look in the direction of feeling? He must have the courage to write the truth when truth is everywhere opposed; the keenness to recognize it, although it is everywhere concealed; the skill to manipulate it as a weapon; the judgment to select those in whose hands it will be effective; and the running to spread the truth among such persons.

Wäre es da nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung löste das Volk auf und wählte ein anderes? The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard.

The cries, too, fall like rain in summer. Photo conversion done with photomatix. I seen some one do a shot like this here in reno, so I decided, hell, why not try it myself. I think mine came out cool.

Silver Legacy Resort Casino is a 1,room historically-themed masterpiece here in the heart of Downtown Reno. This actually is an old one. Was searching there for old people.

Some were just friendly, others said: NO, not even the hands. Those two were so very cute. They went together into home for aged people. First I was searching inside the building Never ever thought that those two would live together in one home for aged. They were so very friendly, and totally made my day. I had to smile all over. Totally love old people. Saw them holding hands each other, like they might have done on their first days.

She told me that Paul was 78 and she was 77 and they are married for 55 years. ToT So very cute. They have married 4 times. Unfortunately forgot how her name was I think this is very rare They seek for money, sex, good care, fun, change I never get those people.

I think it is stupid to leave a person, just if things are not that fantastic right at the moment. Every time I see old people holding hands My heart beats so fast and I feel so happy, cause they know what real love is. Less Said Is Best Said But As U Like Should you consider the following verbose missive, do right click to a new tab and listen to: Some years ago while walking in ol'Habana, I noted a ferry with a couple of destinations.

The next morning joined the lineup of locals, not knowing where it went, save that the captain was in a locked cage to avoid commandeering to Miami , while the rest of us also got on board, somewhat like cattle into a cage After attending her request, she was very happy and I continued walking.

There 2 room accommodation had 1 bed, a couple of wooden boxes and a quasi sofa. A 2 burner propane stove. After a while of talking it was clear that the aunt was somewhat off the deep end, which embarrassed her husband.

They asked if I wanted a beer After consuming some beer, the aunt got up, pulling down her jeans at the edge of the bath and relieved herself, in full view. Then she wanted photos taken and the quasi show started, with the husband apologizing! The YL's father came to me, and said, por favor Ci son giorni che ti chiedi come mai tutto a te e come possa esser possibile tutta questa fortuna.

And just like that, another year is on the books Thanks Soaf for the spot! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us its beyond appreciated. I love you all. David is the co-creator and editor of Headpress now releasing it's 27th bumper edition , the journal dedicated to sex, religion and death.

Headpress boasts an incredible catalogue of film and counterculture book titles and has recently moved its offices to London. The year is You are standing in your favourite, dusty comic shop.

You know the one. Ohmygod, have you ever seen anything like it? You are in desperate need of a good read…something different than the usual fare. You give the corner of its blood-red cover a tug…. Can this be real? An article discussing Mr. Strange sado-erotic illustrations are dotted around. This thing looks so seedy and odd! You flick through the coarse-toothed paper with photocopied typewriter text and find a piece on some Finnish detective series next to a discussion of café culture.

Your mind is boggling! You smile smugly as you walk over to Jack Elam. You place the copy of Headpress issue one on the table, pushing aside the Judge Dread movie standee. Its name is Headpress.

Headpress was the brainchild of three misanthrope individuals with oddly the same first name; David Kerekes, David Flynt and David Slater. The only remainng member of this triumphant at the magazine is Kerekes, shaven-headed and bizarrely mild-mannered.

We are sat talking in his Manchester home. He explains the creation of the magazine:. We thought his new film could legitimately come out without being too battered by the BBFC. So we got it through and did a limited edition of about five hundred on VHS, the quantity we could afford to do. That was how Headpress came about. And so, they came up with the idea of giving the magazine a subtitle that would point people in the right direction. Of course it covers all the bases as well.

You can write pretty much about anything. But it is difficult. I invariably know whether something somebody sends is going to work. Although imediately being more than a just a fanzine, the early Headpress issues were very much cut-and-paste affairs, without a hint of DTP involved. It had this shadow effect on the writing, so it would give you a massive headache reading the thing. It was probably an easy way to trip though! Headpress was simply a labour of love, never a mechanism to make money.

The magazine was even written mostly between the the three Davids in the early issues, utilising additional contributions from a pool writers they knew from the underground film network in which they were embroiled.

It also shows through their limited distribution at the time; the threesome would literally travel to London with cases of the magazine and walk into shops. They of course found mixed fortune in their attempts to find writing talent no one was getting paid , and a reflective Kerekes is not too fond of some.

But it seems this was wholly part of their process: Each passing issue would make just enough revenue to cover the next. But eventually, they felt they had sufficient funds to make their next big gamble, releasing a book. It was called Critical Visions and was a compendium of all the best bits from the early issues. Again, the money from Critical Visions trickled into the next venture and so on. But by , a decision was made to change the direction of the publication.

David Flynt had already left the team after only a few issues and it was now time for Kerekes and Slater to also go their separate ways:. What do we do here? Do we actually stop Headpress or keep it going? Attempting to take this to the next stage meant another level of professionalism. The format of the magazine had constantly been developing, but the move to a more book-like quality proved highly successful and levitated the magazine high above its imitators.

Kerekes developed Critical Visions into a separate imprint, a branch of Headpress that would release stand-alone titles that were separate books in their own right. Titles such as Killer Komix, which was a collection of comics based on true crime figures were initially slow to sell, but as Headpress and its imprint continued, its identity strengthened and the fan-base grew, proving a diehard audience existed.

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